Our Story

Our Story

A journey to empowerment and success often has beginnings of despair, frustration and a yearning for change. Mine has been one such journey, that I tread till this day. Motherhood brought joy to my life like nothing I felt before, with it also came a need to take care of myself and to fill my own cup.

Years of mindless eating and no care for what I nourished my body with had led to a mind, body and soul that were depleted with nothing left to give.

And so my journey began. A search for empowerment and mindfulness within my own health choices led me to also be conscious of how I can give back to my family and ultimately my community in order to leave a legacy of inspiration and change for others wanting the same.

Empower Tea was born through this change… to nourish and support your body with premium organic herbs blended by a speciality herbalist & Naturopath.

So go ahead, fill your cup…and drink it too you deserve it and are worth every sip.


Ozlem Kaya
Manager & Founder of Empower Tea
Premium Organic Blends


Empower Tea gives a percentage of profits from each product sold to charities that support the needy around the world in order to empower them and change their lives for the better.